About ARO Watch

ARO Watch is a product of the ARO Working Group—a multi-disciplinary network of professionals focused on extreme financial risk currently wound up in the Asset Retirement Obligations of oil and gas companies.

With ARO Watch, we seek to shine a light on this breathtakingly large blind spot in energy finance, and to give investors, regulators, and other stakeholders the tools they need to begin making the necessary changes in their investment and regulatory strategies to ensure that these risks are successfully managed.

What We Do

Asset Retirement Obligations are not siloed in either finance or the environment—they are the primary chain that links the two. As such, there can be no effective way to contain the many different hazards posed by AROs except through comprehensive risk assessment and abatement strategies. We develop high-level, cross-disciplinary approaches to managing ARO risk targeted at a variety of stakeholders, from investors to political leaders to community groups to legal professionals.